Alec & Victoria’s fun breezy afternoon with their kids on Blouberg Beach

Alec & Victoria’s fun breezy afternoon with their kids on Blouberg Beach

Blouberg family photoshoot

It’s no secret that Blouberg Beach offers the best beach views of majestic Table Mountain.  And how lucky we were to see her with her reigning ‘table cloth’ gently draped across the top.

It was special to do Victoria’s family holiday shoot today in front of the gorgeous Dolphin Beach Hotel, Blouberg! The hotel is right on the beach and a perfect place to stay if you’re here on vacation, as they also have self-catering cabanas.

Victoria and I studied photography in London in 2001, and several years later I photographed her and Alec’s wedding in London.  Our lives have taken very different paths over the years, but seeing her again, it felt like no time had passed at all.

Living in the UK means that they only get to enjoy the sunshine and the ocean when they’re on holiday abroad. They were in South Africa on holiday for about 2 weeks,  and Victoria really wanted a Table Mountain beach shoot. Cape Town has some of the best beaches in the world, and they are often so empty, that doing photo shoots there, is such a pleasure. It’s like a huge canvas type playground, of kilometres of white sand and ocean. It was important for Victoria and Alec to have ‘wild’ and natural photos of her children enjoying the waves and just being free to run and play as they’d never really get that opportunity in London. The kids played in the waves, and towards the end, they were lying right down on the sand and letting the waves dance over them.

Owning this business and creating beautiful photos for my clients is such a huge reward.  When last were you photographed as a family?




Blouberg beach

Blouberg family photographer

“I am blown away by our photos, there is so much love in them and Monica has captured natural happy moments.

We now have some special, stunning images for our wall and I will treasure the memories when they are grown up.

I said to my husband that I never get happy pictures of the kids together anymore where they are all happy so

that is wonderful and priceless to have. A massive thank you!” / Victoria, London

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