“Eat Like A Local” mouthwatering Cape Town food tour

“Eat Like A Local” mouthwatering Cape Town food tour

I love experiencing different foods and new restaurants. And eating out plays a huge role in the way many of us interact, socialize and celebrate together.  It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m heading off on another travel adventure. More recently, I love being at home. By home, I mean my beautiful city, Cape Town.  I have seen it thrive and grow so rapidly, that I’ve been unable to keep up with all the new restaurants and places to explore.  I recently heard a fantastic talk by author, Laura Vanderkam (click here) titled ‘How to take more control of your time’, and in there what really resonated with me was how we can put more memorable things into our lives.  I started thinking that instead of always going to the same cafe’s and restaurants, I would venture out and have some new gastronomic experiences!

Eat Like A Local“, owned and run by Rupesh Kassen, is a wonderfully delicious food tour around Cape Town. This tour comes highly recommended for those on vacation in Cape Town, and for locals wanting a new experience in their own city. During my tour with Rupesh, I actually felt like I was abroad. Many of the places he took our intimate group to, were little tucked-away gems which I’ve never previously known about.  What I really enjoyed, was the diversity of street and restaurant food, and drinks which included kombucha from Nitro House, samosas (in Bo Kaap), an assortment of divine cheeses (The Culture Cheese Club on Bree Street), pumpkin fritters made by the lovely Ansia at Coffee At The Vine  (seriously! Like nothing I’ve ever tasted before!), the list goes on!  I asked Rupesh to fill me in on some background info, and this is what he had to say.

When was ‘Eat Like A Local Born’?

Eat like a local was born out my love for travel and food and conceived in 2017 and born in January 2018.

Where are most of your clients from?

My client base is rather varied, spanning from Europe to the Americas. However, I would say most of the clients are American due to the concept of a food tour being well known and popular in the States.

What types of places can your clients expect?

We have over 25 partners that we work with depending on group size and dietary requirements. They all are owner run with a core value of client service and satisfaction.

How do you select the restaurants on your tours?

Restaurants are selected based on quality, offering and definitely ones I enjoy. We often work very closely with the restaurants to curate dishes that are designed specifically for our tours.

How much walking is involved, and is it suitable for children?

We do a circular route around the city, allowing guests to orientate themselves with an average distance about 3.5km. But I do promise there is more eating than walking.

Food is a great educator and is the easiest way to learn about a culture. We allow guests to bring children 12 years an up on our join-in tours, and then any age provided the tour is booked on a ‘private basis’.

Any other info you would like on here!

We offer a full vegan food experience and have an exciting ‘Aperitivo‘ tour coming this summer where you get to enjoy 3 immersive drinks stop with snacks before you get to enjoy the city on your own. Those tours will begin at 4 pm until about 7 pm.  And something really unique, we also include a fynbos tasting as part of the same tasting! 

Want to book a food tour in Cape Town with Rupesh? Click HERE.

Above: Meet Rupesh!


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