I have some exciting news to share!

I have some exciting news to share!

Happy weekend everyone! I woke up at exactly 0535 this morning full of energy and excitement. I’m not sure if the bowl of frozen blueberries I ate last night before bed had anything to do with it. Perhaps it was that sudden rush of antioxidants. Anyway, I had gone to bed thinking of my business and how i can go the extra mile to serve my clients and create a more lasting experience. After shooting for 16 years, I still have the deepest love of my art. It still gives me that rush, like being in love…the buzzing in my stomach, my heart racing and my surroundings looking extra alive. And like anything important to me, I realize how much those things need to be constantly nurtured in order to grow.

I spend a lot of time reading books and interesting articles online and am constantly inspired by the talent (and knowledge) that is out there. I have especially been reading a lot about the power of the subconscious mind. I kind of fell into this when I started my mornings off meditating and journaling. So (I’m digressing!) I went to bed with a centering thought “What can I do to give more to my clients?” Not just in terms of creating beautiful images for them, rather also helping them to enjoy and make the most of their vacation in South Africa. And I woke up with complete clarity that I want to share my knowledge of South Africa (particularly Cape Town) with them. This idea had previously kept surfacing and I had been ignoring it. This morning it was as clear as if written in neon lights: “What THE FLIPFLOP TREE loves in South AFrica.” I want my clients to know by reading on my blog, what my favourite, coziest coffee shops and book stores are, the most child friendly boutique hotels to relax their weary bodies after a long flight, the most vibrant, colorful markets to experience the real rhythm and buzz of Cape Town, which are the best beaches for children etc. Ahh the blog list is endless. And yes, I actually made a list. A long one. It must have been stored inside me as it all just came flowing out.

I realized that in all my years of traveling the globe, what I had yearned for the most when I was somewhere, was to truly experience a country and their culture. And not just going to the “must-see tourist spots”, but also experiencing the essence of that country, through its local markets, homely cafes, it’s warm and inviting people, and personal places to stay. And I would have loved to have that knowledge first-hand from a local.

So welcome to the next chapter of The FlipFlop Tree. I hope to not only create and capture incredible images for you, but also to inspire your travel adventures to my beautiful country, via my photo stories and personal f’avourites’ I’m going to blog about.

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