Family Love on Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Family Love on Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Every vacation family shoot that I do, I get to interact and photograph so many different energies and personalities.  This was my 2nd photo shoot with Barbara and her family, all the way from Germany.  Traveling to South Africa for some sunshine, it seemed like the perfect place for this energetic family to have their shoot done on the beautiful Llandudno beach.

My beach shoots involve a lot of family interaction: running and playing on the beach, climbing on rocks or dipping feet in the ocean, and invariably clothes can get a little wet. What matters the most, is that you have a good time and experience, and forget about the camera.  Little ones can get tired after an hour, so I find that making it fun and getting the parents to really be present and play with their children, leads to the most natural and beautiful photos.

Some tips for beach photo shoots:

  • Pack an extra set of clothes.
  • Bring a large towel to put all your things on.
  • wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Ensure you don’t arrive on an empty stomach and pack a snack for your children (nothing chocolate related that could end up on face or clothes).
  • Make sure your children are wearing sunblock (the type that rubs in well and doesn’t make them look like they’re wearing face paint).
  • For the women, painted nails (especially toenails) always look so great when you’re barefoot on the sand.
  • Leave the nerves behind. My shoots are very relaxed and loads of fun!




  •   Cape Town beach family photo shoot

“We had the second photo shoot with Monica and we loved it again! Blue hour at Llandudno Beach – amazing.

Monica is a very inspiring woman with a good vision of magic moments. And she is also able to motivate

4-year-old girls who always want to do something else.  We had some wonderful time with her and,

last but not least – a lot of lovely shots of our family.

We will come back!”  / Barbara, Germany

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