When last were you photographed together as a family?

When last were you photographed together as a family?

How often are you together as a family?  Most often, families really only have that fully focused, fun, relaxed and quality time together when they are on vacation. Ok, weekends sometimes too, but vacations somehow have a different energy. A deeper purpose. It’s the time to reconnect and just “be”, with no other commitments other than where to eat and what fun activity to do next. Being the owner of The FlipFlop Tree, and personally photographing my clients is always my biggest reward.

Seeing clients crying happy tears when they view their photos, or laughing that I managed to capture some silly moments too, all make it worth it for me. After the food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk, all that remains after a vacation are the photos. That, really is the only meaningful “souvenir” left. Proof that the vacation happened, and a doorway that can be opened anytime they wish to revisit that “cosy” experience.

The other day at dinner my godson (who is now in his mid 20’s) was saying to his mom that he doesn’t remember their vacations when he was a child, because he was too small. And she replied that she loved the time away anyway because she remembered how happy he had been and what a wonderful time they had all had as a family. This is one of the reasons why I encourage clients to book vacation family shoots:  their children may not remember the vacation in future, but when they look back and see a photo album (or printed photos) of that time together, they will see just how much they were (and are) cherished and the happy moments they had with their parent or parents.  

I want to create a legacy for you through my photographs. I want you to feel warm and smile when you walk past them in your home every day or are snuggled up on the sofa browsing through your album. I want you to relive that amazing experience you had on vacation at your photo shoot, and I want it to commemorate that time in your life when you were all relaxed, happy and together.  When last were you photographed together as a family?

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