“Outside Suburbia” travel writer and blogger on vacation in South Africa!

“Outside Suburbia” travel writer and blogger on vacation in South Africa!

I had the most beautiful privilege of meeting Priya, owner of “Outside Suburbia” travel blog, and her lovely family in Cape Town when they were on holiday in South Africa last month.  We have been following each other on Instagram for a while, so it was fantastic to finally meet her and her family, on a mild winters day.  I fell in love with “Outside Suburbia’s” blog because of the realness of it and the practical advice and tips.  I’m planning a trip to Iceland and Zanzibar and have already made some notes from her colourful and insightful her blog posts.

Luigi, their guide from Star Travel, waited for them while I did their photo shoot on Muizenberg Beach and then drove them to Kalk Bay harbour for the next part of the shoot.  Muizenberg is well known as being one of the best surfing spots in South Africa, and holiday-makers flock to the beaches in search of the perfect wave.  It’s also gained popularity for its iconic colourful beach huts, which have recently just been freshened up with some paint.  Priya mentioned that the huts reminded them of their trip to Falsterbo, Sweden, where the beach was lined with pastel huts, and I remembered that I’d actually also been there, and had done a family shoot at exactly the same place! In fact, we had eaten at the same restaurant!!  Moments like these, make me realise how small the world actually is, how we are all actually connected by some magical thread.

Several days after their shoot, Priya invited me for breakfast at the lavish  Hotel Taj Cape Town where they had been staying.  She recommended some great Indian food to try, and we chatted about my life in Cape Town and hers in Texas.

Thank you to “Outside Suburbia” for such a lovely shout-out of The FlipFlop Tree (and me!) on her blog. It was so special to get such positive feedback from someone I admire so much.  Click HERE to read her article

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