“Two By The World” – João & Andre in Camps Bay!

“Two By The World” – João & Andre in Camps Bay!

I spent a morning with these two dynamic bloggers João & Andre, who own top blog Two By The World. João is an IT whizz, and Andre, a clinical psychologist, and they first met during their school years!

They are independent travellers who have embarked on a 6 month round the world adventure, and their first stop was South Africa.  I was very intrigued to meet them, as I’d been following them on instagram and loved browsing through their blog posts filled with tips and inspiration for traveling. I particularly enjoyed their articles “How to buy the flights for your round the world trip.” and “Planning a RTW trip.”  There were many things in there that I hadn’t considered before, which would make the planning experience less stressful.

There is something special about connecting with other travellers.  They share the same deep love and appreciation of living life to the fullest, and being open to new experiences and adventures. Life, after all, is an adventure, right? Even the months I’ve been in Cape Town, I’ve explored it with an excitement and passion, as though I was in love.  Cape Town, with it’s endless cafes, restaurants, markets and hidden gems…it’s like a never ending treasure chest of gems. I was happy to hear that João and Andre both loved Cape Town so much, and our morning spent together on Camps Bay Beach was so relaxed and fun. I feel like I have gained 2 new friends and hope to see them again in South Africa or Portugal in the future!


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